How do I attach pictures to the photo banners?

We offer photo banners in two different finishes – glitter and matte.

There are several options for mountings your photo prints to the banners

Removable/Non-destructive Methods

If you’re using old photographs you’ll want to use a non-destructive method of mounting so you can safely remove the photos from the card when you’re done.

  1. Double sided tape or foam squares
  2. Glue Dots (high tack)

Both options are available at your local craft stores and many online retailers.

If you’re mounting photos to glitter card stock you may need to use wider strips of tape or more tape so it can stick to enough of the glitter surface to form a good hold. Glitter paper has a texture similar to sandpaper and consists of tiny bumps and grooves, you’ll need more surface area or a higher tack adhesive to stick well.

For your convenience to offer a foam square mounting kit. We’ve tested it on matte and glitter paper and it performs well for temporary use and photos are easily removed when you’re done.

Permanent Methods

If you don’t have the removable options handy, the next best option would be the permanent methods. We only recommend these options if you don’t plan on removing the photos when you’re done or you can easily replace the prints.

  1. Hot glue (best for glitter paper)
  2. Spray glue (3M Super 77 or similar)
  3. Staples

We don’t recommend using common white/school glue, as it takes longer to dry and can warp the matte material. When using spray glue, spray the back of the photo prints in a well ventilated area, then adhere to the photo cards.