Ordering a custom party banner

Getting a personalized banner has never been easier. With just a few clicks you can choose your size, text style (font), and colors. In this article we go over the range of options to help you pick the perfect look for your event.

Size Options

All of our custom letter banners come in three sizes:

  • 7 inches (standard)
  • 9 inches (large)
  • 11 inches (ginormous)

Measurements are taken from top to bottom (height). Size increases in both directions (height and width) so the 11 inch letters are about 2.5x larger than appearance compared to the 7 inch letters.

Letter thickness vary between styles. For narrow spaces we offer the Narrow Block style. To fill a big horizontal space we recommend the Slab Serif banner.

Mixed Case Letters

We offer two letter styles that support a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

The mixed cases make these two styles ideal for names and short phrases.

Letter Thickness

Material & Colors

We offer over 27 different colors in matte and glitter finishes.

We use 300gsm (140#) non-shed glitter cardstock (no shedding = no mess) that can be used in anywhere. Many indoor venues such as restaurants, banquet halls, and retail spaces discourage glitter due to the mess they can leave, but our glitter cardstock is safe for use in any space.

Our matte colors are a minimum of 100# (about the thickness of a typical business card). We offer colored matte papers in 15 different shades of popular colors.

For our Script and Fancy letter styles, we add mount the card stock onto chipboard to provide extra rigidity.

Production Time

All banners are ready in one business day from ordering. Business days are Monday to Friday, except for USPS holidays. Bulk orders may require additional time based on our workload.